Cindy D’Adamo, Owner, LadyLake PR, Founder ENVISION Indie Coalition

Founder and PR for the ENVISION Indie Coalition, an independent karmic-based group of like-minded companies working for the good of the indie music industry. These companies have included: Gigspots, Terra Rising Films, 5th Chakra Artists, Artist Connection Podcast, Brag It On Promotions, Cameron Promotions, Literati Records, Indie Minded, Indie Air Radio, I Rock and Boogie, Matt Barker Radio, Cygnus Radio, Twin Radio, Ladies Luv Music Entertainment Group, Feathered Entertainment, Rock Cures, New Egypt Entertainment, Fat Hippy Records, Indy College Musicians, Paula’s Soapbox, The Cosmic Clash, World Star PR, Doghouse Atlanta, Trespass Music, Indienink, SparkJoy Music and LadyLake Music. We do not see music as a competition, instead we view it as a community. Our motto “Karma is our Business” was applauded by Richard Branson.

Currently handling artist promotion and publicity for artists and bands in the US/UK. Artists we have worked for have included: Jeffrey Gaines, Gordon Vaughn and REWIND, David Martinez, Juliet Gough Epps, Daisy Windsor and Wytchazle, Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli, American Beauties, Diane Cameron, Gray LeGere, Rick Winow, Emyna The Rock Queen, Linda Marks, Ivory Tower Project, International Nova and Thomas Claxton. We also work with legendary producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Oasis, Led Zeppelin).

LadyLake Music has a 160M social reach on Twitter alone as documented by SumAll. We are a three time nominee for independent music Promoter Of The Year. We initiated the SXDU (South By Down Under) international inter-company publicity project with In-Ex Records in the UK, Prototype Musiq in Australia, and Twin Radio in VA, achieving millions of views. We started the Charity Umbrella program, combining independent music with positive works, teaming up with the Giving Stage to do two benefit shows in Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO for Music For Vets, which also fell under our Project Encourage theme of supporting our vets musically. This summer, we begin a national series of independent music showcases debuting at City Winery Boston in June to raise awareness for our roster sponsor Light Up The Love. More showcases are in development in Atlanta, Texas, and CA.

We achieved over one million views of Battfest Global Virtual Festival which trended on Twitter, booked and promoted the David Martinez ‘Crazy Ride’​ East Coast Acoustic Tour which led to a #15 chart position in US Alternative, led new Boston area folk/rockers American Beauties to national charting and international airplay, and achieved global charting for Denmark’s Juliet Gough Epps at #6 in global Folk. We have topped charts and received acclaim for our entire roster, having led Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli to win ‘Artists of the Year’​ on Indie 104’s ‘Independent Corner’ and David Martinez to win ‘US Artist of the Year’ from PureM Magazine.

We have worked within the industry since 2006, having done projects with Leftover Salmon, Steven Hollerup of The Northern Hooks, Reality Addiction, Cute Loony, The Fores, The Acidophiles, WCRX, Homegrown Radio New Jersey, Jersey Fresh TV, Live and Local Six Flags New Jersey, Utica Music Fest, Radiofire, Twin Radio, C101 Rocks, and many other independent artists and media.