Jimmy Anselmo, Legendary music club owner

Legendary music club owner Jimmy Anselmo founded “Jimmy’s” in 1978. He stared his career working as a bartender on Bourbon Street. It was here where he met Dr. John when he was known as Mac Rebenack, he also became friends with Freddy Fender and many of the musicians who would later play at his club. Regulars at his clubs included The Neville Brothers, Lil Queenie and the Percolators, Earl King, Professor Longhair, James Booked and the Radiators. He helped launch the punk rock area in New Orleans with groups like The Cold and The Sheiks. National act also found Jimmy’s as the place to perform, groups like The Gregg Allman Band, Muddy Waters and Jane Addition. Jimmy Anselmo is still a consultant to local club owners and bands in the New Orleans area.