32 Panels Sessions to Attend about the Entertainment Business covering Legal – Music Business – Film – Tech – Roots

32 Panels Sessions to Attend about the Entertainment Business covering Legal – Music Business – Film – Tech – Roots  at the Cutting Edge CE Conference


Approved for 17.5 hours of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credits, including 1 hr of Ethics, 1 hr of Professionalism and 1 hr of Legal Practice by the Louisiana Supreme Court MCLE Committee.


The 24th Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar will present a down-to-work continuing legal education seminar targeting the legal side of the entertainment business.

2016 Legal Topics (subject to change)


Thursday, August 25, 2016


1.) Professionalism – The Ornery Adversary [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hr] 


2.) Transactional Law: Agreements for the Modern Age   [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hr]
This panel will review of important techniques to help attorneys and entertainment executives negotiating entertainment and media agreements for artists representation, recording contracts, producers agreements, endorsement and marketing agreements.


3.) Crowdfunding Update: Raising Equity Funds for New Ventures [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hr] 
This panel will review and discuss the possibilities created by the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules allowing the sale of equity to investor through Internet crowdfunding platforms.


4.) Legal Mentorship [Legal/CLE .75 cr. hr] – Law Students Q & A


5.) Ethics – Rights in the online world [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hr] 


6.) Damage Control: Representing Athletes and Celebrities in the Media, and the Courtroom [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hr]
The discussion will center on the analysis of the legal issues representing athletes and entertainers in contract negotiation when there is a crisis and representation is needed with the media and in the courtroom. The panel will also cover changes in legal business issues under various collective bargaining agreements.


7.) Live Performance VIP Packages Agreements and other aspects of the artist/promoter relationship.   [Legal/CLE 1.25 cr. hrs]
VIP seating and accommodations (e.g. Big Chief VIP Experience, Listening parties, After Parties, artist meet and greet experiences), what are the artist, promoter, venue and ticketing agency agreements and liabilities.


Friday, August 26, 2016


8.) Litigation: Entertainment and Sports Cases Updates [Legal/CLE 1.5 cr. hrs]  


9.) Digital Music Licensing- New Deals, Negotiations and Income [Legal/CLE 1.5 cr. hrs]
Opportunities for music use are at an all time high both in the online/ digital world as well as in traditional media. But with these opportunities has come an increasing complexity in deal structure, negotiations and the end result fees and royalties.


10.) Washington Report: Updates and Insights – There is more happening in Washington than you think! [Legal/CLE 1 cr. hrs]
This panel will visit important rules and legislation that will effect how cases are decided and money flows in the entertainment business, including Web IV CRB rulings, the DOJ investigations into the consent decrees and the Sec. 115 mechanical royalty proceeding.


11.) Copyright, Trademark and Patent Protections for Creatives in New Technology Platforms [Legal/CLE 1.25 cr. hrs]
Maintaining copyrights and trademark protections in the face of increased consumer transactions presents a challenge for new technology enterprises and their legal teams. This panel will cover intermediary liability threats, piracy, combating counterfeit goods and strategies for proper licensing and derivatives products.


12.) Keynote Interview: Tyler Thompson – Producer – Cross Creek Pictures   [Legal/CLE .75 cr. hrs]
Interviewer: Allen Fredric III, Esq.Jones Walker, New Orleans, LA


13.) From Piracy to Producer Agreements – Shedding light on the chaotic world of Film Distribution Economics [Legal/CLE 1.5 cr. hrs]
Filmmakers, distributors and film transactional attorneys will discuss the many aspects of film distribution, cash flow, talent negotiations, producers’ agreements and global piracy.


Saturday, August 27, 2016


14.) Publishing Income from Film and Digital Media [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hr]
What and where are the sources of income for publishers in film and digital media, how should attorneys advise their clients to position themselves to take full advantage of these sources?


15.) The Performance Right – a World in Transition Songs and Sound Recordings- the cornerstone of the worldwide music business.  [Legal/CLE 1.0 cr. hrs]
The Performance Right- responsible for a substantial portion of song and record royalties. This panel will discuss the 3 billion dollar world of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange and how these organizations generate income for songwriters, recording artists, music publishers and record companies  What is the future for Harry Fox Agency now that it owned by SESAC.


16.) Legal Practice: Successful Independent Filmmaking- Reality TV [Legal/Film/CLE 1.0 cr. hrs]– New Orleans has become a hub for the film and TV industry but what does that mean for an attorney and their independent filmmaker client. This panel will walk you through the process of maintaining communication with the filmmaker, the client funds management, making sure filmmaker/client engagement letter are correct. Review user generated content rights and procedures with filmmaker client. Establish a disbursement system for staff fees payment. Review production agreements tax credit financing incentives and distribution.


For full Legal/CLE panels’ descriptions and times click HERE 





17.) Agents and Talent Buyers: The Live Music Business & Its Importance to Emerging Artists

Touring and booking are the biggest balancing act for artists today. A       lack of tour support and a tougher retail marketplace leaves the touring arena more attractive and crowded than ever. Join our professionals as they look at the future of artists on the road


18.) The Art of Making a Great Recording or at lease a good one – Managing your recording session 


19.) Deals in the Brave New World: The Cutting Edge  This panel will explore new types of deal made possible in today’s music industry environment!  It will explore creative deals involving music content, branding, Internet distribution and cooperative marketing.


20.) Martin Atkins From Tour Smart to Kickstarter 


21.) Murphy Laws Songwriting – Critiquing (3 parts)                   
Get the inside track on songwriting as a craft from award-winning songwriter Ralph Murphy, Author “ Murphy Laws of Songwriting”


22.) The Music World Today. Social Media Techniques for the Digital World – How to get a Million Followers/Views/Fans and use it to get to get ahead in the entertainment business?


23.) Do you have what record labels are looking for???    


24.) Artist Management, Promotions and the new media techniques




26.) Legal and Practical Considerations for the Emerging Music Technology CompaniesAs consumer interest in using streaming, digital media and app-based entertainment increases, we observe steady growth in the music industry’s relationship and reliance upon, technology.


27.) The Art of the Pitch – Raising money or influencing customer, how to make a good presentation is essential. Learn some of the key element to remember.


28.) Can Music Hack Tourism??? – Results from the Cutting Edge Hackathon


29.) Meet the Filmmaker:  Filmmakers from the Cutting Edge Film Series will discuss, fundraising, distribution and casting


30.) Working with Investors – Can the New Crowdfunding rules help fund your next project?




31.) The Preservation and the Presentation of our Cultural Assets. The Physical View of Cultural Heritage. 


32.) Oral Histories of cultural icons




CE Facts and Deadlines:


·      Conference Hotel: InterContinental (ends soon) – rate $129 Here

·      Sponsorship and Branding contact

·      Want to submit a team in the Hackathon, have a stand/make a Pitch at the Interactive show contact, J. Miguez – VLGroup, Scott Fetters – 2112 

·      Have a film or film short you want to be considered for screening contact,                      Dave Moore, CIMM Fest 

·      Showcase Artists info

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