Artists Showcase

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Bring on the Bands! Play for the professionals. An artist’s best publicity is performance. Also, these artists get an opportunity to attend panels and network at the conference. Provide EPK and sample of your music for full consideration. Artist must play at least three original songs. Click Link to register, select artist showcase https://www.eventbrite.com/e/27th-cutting-edge-ce-conferences-and-events-august-21-24-2019-registration-53028850720

NewWork Showcase

Aug. 22 – 24

New Orleans, LA


Thursday, August 22


1001 Esplanade Ave

Songwriters (Blues/Soul)

5:00             [Roots Music Gathering] Oral History – Freddie Staehle, New Orleans journeyman drummer, and session musician, played on Al Hirt (Live at the Al Hirt Club), Dr. John (The Night Tripper), Allen Toussaint, Maria Muldaur, Carly Simon

6:00             Carlo Ditta w Freddie Staehle (New Orleans, LA)

6:50             David Gautreau (Baton Rouge, LA)

7:40             Zechariah Lloyd (Oxford, MS)

8:30             Theo Dureau (New Orleans, LA)

9:20             Joy Clark (New Orleans, LA)

10:10             Mandy Marylane (Miami, FL)

11:00             Wild Rabbit Salad (Houston, TX)

Siberia Lounge

2227 St. Claude Ave

7:00             HEW (Mandeville, LA)

7:45             Urban Austin (Austin, TX)

8:35             The Drew Young Band w Amy Lott (New Orleans, LA)

9:30             Elinda, & Tale the Rapper (Orebro, Sweden)

10:25             Dama Vicke (Miami, FL)

11:20             Melomania (New Orleans, LA)

12:15             Metrograde (Tyler, TX)

1:10             The Wrong Number (Miami, FL)

The Art Garage

2231 St. Claude Ave., NOLA

The Lifetime Achievement Award Show

Recipient: John Autin, CEO, Rabadash Entertainment

7:00             Big Daddy O (New Orleans, LA)

7:45             Sugar Lime Blue (Nashville, TN)

8:30             Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation to John Autin

9:00           Serabee (New Orleans, LA)

9:55              Kim Carson (New Orleans, LA)

10:50             John Lisi (New Orleans, LA)

11:45             Doug Duffy and Badd (Monroe, LA)

12:35 AM            The ShapeShifters (New Orleans)

Friday, August 23

Allways Lounge & Cabaret

2240 St. Claude Ave

 Songwriters (Americana)

7:00             Caroline Ayers (Washington, DC)

8:00             Jean Bayou (New Orleans, LA)

9:00             Jessie Campo (Miami, FL)

10:00             Mandy Marylane (Miami, FL)

11:00             Jess Kerber (Hammond, LA)

12:00 AM            Sista Marybeth (Hallandale, FL)


1001 Esplanade Ave

Songwriters (Blues)

6:00             TBA

6:50             FERMIN (New Orleans, LA)

7:40             Ben Hunter (New Orleans, LA)

8:30             Russell Gulley (Fort Payne, AL)

9:20             Hector Tellez (Havana/Nashville, TN)

10:10             The Captain Ledge Band (Wilburton, OK)

11:00             Henry Turner, Jr., (Baton Rouge, LA) solo

New Orleans Jazz Museum

400 Esplanade Ave

Presented by:

LIVE at HEART, Orebro, Sweden

Hosted by: Drew Young

4:15             [Root Music Gathering] Oral History: Henry Turner, Jr.

5:00             Music Dreams: An American Story, The Henry Turner, Jr. Story

5:30             Reception

5:45            Jamie Leak (New Orleans, LA)

6:20            Lillian Taylor (Miami, FL)

7:00             LaTosha Brown (Atlanta, GA)

7:55     Swedish Music Collective presented by Live at Heart Host: Drew Young

The Art Garage

2231 St. Claude Ave., NOLA


8:00             Dylan Lloyd (Chicago, IL)

8:55    David Bradley (New Orleans, LA)

9:50    KASS w John Autin (New Orleans, LA)

10:45   Mikayla Braun (New Orleans, LA)

11:40  Lilli Lewis (New Orleans, LA)

12:30  Theo Dureau (New Orleans, LA)

1:25    Chocolate Pocket (New Orleans, LA)

Prime Example Jazz Club

1909 N Broad St

Presented by:

Damon Batiste & NOSACONN, Inc

7:00             Ajeanette (New Orleans, LA)

8:00            Suze’ The Band (New Orleans)

9:00    Ryan Batiste (New Orleans)

10:00  Lloyd Daly (New Orleans, LA

11:00  Batiste Father and Sons and the


Siberia Lounge

2227 St. Claude Ave


7:00    TBA

7:55    EMILY COLE (Montgomery, TX)

8:50    BlueAshes (Hollywood, FL)

9:45    Revel in Romance (Alpharette, GA)

10:40    Weep (Cocoa, FL)

11:35    Fighting for Frequency, (New Orleans, LA)

12:30    The Pink (Atlanta, GA)

1:25      Minus One (Denham Spring, LA)

Sidney’s Saloon

1200 St Bernard Ave


7:00             JD Danner (Boca Raton)

7:55             Sugar Lime Blue (Nashville)

8:50             Electric Blue Yonder (Montgomery, AL)

9:45             Wild Rabbit Salad (Houston, TX)

10:40             Metrograde (Tyler, TX)

11:35             Bianca Jazmine (Port Saint Lucie, FL)

12:30             Elements of Radio (Miami, FL)

1:25    Urban Austin

Saturday, August 24


1001 Esplanade Ave

Songwriters (Country)

5:00             TBA

6:00             Steve Gernhauser and Patten (Chalmette, LA)

6:50             EMILY COLE (Montgomery, TX)

7:40             Amy Lott (Meridian, MS)

8:30             AB Music Show (Asheville, NC)

9:20             Sista Marybeth (Hallandale, FL)

10:00             Robert Abernathy (Birmingham, AL)

11:00             The Stifftones (Greenville, IL)

Prime Example Jazz Club

1909 N. Broad St


7:00             Hector Tellez (Havana/Nashville)

8:00              Soul and Parliament (Memphis, TN)

8:55              Swedish Music Collective (Orebro, Sweden)

9:50              Mzz. Ooh (New Orleans)

10:45              Jesse Campo (New Orleans, LA)

11:30           Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor with friends (Baton  Rouge, LA)

Siberia Lounge

2227 St Claude Ave


7:00              TBA

7:45              Dixie Taylor (Baton rouge)

8:25              Dan Jarboe (Denham Springs, LA)

9:20              Sol Y Motion (Houston, TX)

10:15              LVVRS (Lafayette, LA)

11:10              Bianca Jazmine (Port Saint Lucie, FL)

12:05              The Wrong Number (Miami, FL)

1:00              Bayou Vimana (Houston, TX)


The Art Garage

2231 St. Claude Ave


7:00 – 10:00 R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop

HEW (Mandeville, LA), Aries Marquis (Baton Rouge), nakEdtruth (Thibodaux, LA), Xavier Keyz (Chicago, IL), Alaina McClue (New Orleans, LA), Parran Paulie (New Orleans), No Ethos (Houston, TX)

Electronic Show (not order of appearance)

10:30 – 2:00 AM

Skooby McMurda (New Orleans, LA), SINthetik Messiah (Lafayette, LA), Luxx Lexx (New Orleans, LA), Squach (New Orleans, LA)

NOLA Downtown Music and Art Festival

Duncan Plaza

343 Loyola Avenue

Friday, August 23

4:00                         Dama Vicke (Miami, FL)

5:00                         Lilli Lewis Project (New Orleans)

6:00                         Mista Kim (Delarge) (New Orleans)

7:15                         CASME’ (New Orleans)

Saturday, August 24

11:00             Elements of Radio (Miami, FL)

12:15             In his Company (Covington, LA)

1:15             Caroline Ayers (Washington, DC)

2:30             Hanna Belle (Red Lick, MS)

3:30             The Captain Ledge Band (Wilburton, OK)

4:15             The Grayhawk Band (New Orleans)

5:30             Michael O’Hara/The Sheik (New Orleans)

6:45             Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor (Baton Rouge)