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    June 4, 2019

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– 12:00 PM The Music Entrepreneur Initiative – [MUSIC BUS.]

Moderated By: Lou Plaia, EVP, Co-Founder, ReverbNation

Session I:                            The “NEW” Music Industry Overview – Success in the music business requires both pieces of knowledge of the traditional music industry structure and a keen understanding of how music is sold today. This session of the Music Entrepreneur Initiative discusses how are innovative entrepreneurs changing the business model. How entrepreneurs can organize their income streams into an effective business strategy. Duration: 30 minutes

Lou Plaia, EVP, Co-Founder, ReverbNation

Session II                           Case Study – Operating A Recording Studio in the Modern Music Economy – The studio environment is its music ecosystem–what are the new models employed that help musicians, producers, and record labels/investors complete their projects? Recording studios can be creative training spaces for entrepreneurs. Duration: 30 Minutes

Subject: Rabadash Recording Studio


  •  John Autin, Co-Owner Rabadash Recording Studio
  • Dirk Billie, Co-Owner Rabadash Recording Studio, Sound Engineer and Producer
  • Tim Stanbaugh, Engineer, Rabadash Recording Studio
  • Marc Hewitt, Engineer, Rabadash Recording Studio

Session III                  Legal Advice for Music Entrepreneurs – Entertainment attorneys provide an overview of contracts, agreements, and negotiating strategies music entrepreneurs will encounter when setting up, establishing and growing their business. Duration: 45 Minutes


  • Wallace Collins, Esq., New York, NY
  • Marc D. Stollman, Esq., Stollman Law PA, Boca Raton, FL