John Autin Co-Owner, Producer and Professional Musician

John Autin is one of the founding partners of Rabadash Records as well as one of the owners of the new Rabadash Studios. As a record producer and performing musician, John has worked in studios and on stage for over 4 decades. His passion IS producing music and playing jazz music. John has worked on hundreds of projects for New Orleans artists as well as musicians from all over the world who are looking for that New Orleans sound that John understands so well.

“I think more like a photographer than a painter when I produce,” says John. “I work very hard to hear the beauty that’s already there with each artist and then capture that beauty on the recording by using the best sound equipment and engineers at my disposal. The end goal is to shine up the recording so it’s the very best version of that artist. With Rabadash Studios I think I’ve created the most comfortable environment, with all the best gear, in a very peaceful neighborhood which all contributes to the amazing result for the artist. Other producers have their sound that they tend to plug their artists into, but that’s not me. If you listen to my different records, each one will have its own quite different character and sound.”