John Tovar, Manager, TMG Management

John Tovar has been in the music business more than 35 years.
He started in the retail and wholesale music business, while getting his degree in management from FIU.
He paid his dues by working at Specs Music, Peaches Music Corporation and Y & T Music Stores, as a
chain product music buyer.
These experiences laid the foundation for his music management business.
John has the gift for finding artist that have become extremely successful international acts. Regardless
of their musical styles. This is a reflection of his musical ear.
This ability has led him to groom artist who became gold, platinum and Grammy award winning stars.
He found Marilyn Manson (Interscope Records) who became one of the biggest international stars
having made over 55 million in album sales. He also managed; The Mavericks (MCA Universal);
Nuclear Valdez (Sony Epic); The Goods (Mercury Universal); Expose’ (Arista); and Santos Renuentes
(Sony Latin).
After all these years John is still extremely active in running the Tovar Music Group (TMG). He is
working with Vera Icon (Miami), Nuclear Valdez (Miami), OVRHOL (Miami), Luckyou (Miami),
Scarlette Rose (Miami), The Fabulous Miss Wendy (Los Angeles)