Lillian Taylor, Esq
Lillian is a noted trademark attorney, producer, as well as a classical pianist, singer, composer. She earned her  BA from The Colorado College, and JD from Hastings College of the Law.  Lillian was also a Senior Strategic Negotiator of IP Infrastructure at Walmart, served as Senior Negotiator for Procurement at Girl Scouts USA, and as general counsel to a venture capitalist.

Lillian is the host and producer of the podcast, the Get Up and Shine Show, and lyricist, vocalist of Earth Anthem, selected for the Florence Belsky Third Music compilation:

LIllian first appeared performing as a child in Myron Floren’s Christmas specials, and was selected into both the Church of Notre Dame and Brazilian Voices Chorus’.  She has been a guest commentator on the Progressive News Network, storyteller on the Bard’s Grove, and speaks on intellectual property for the artists.
By the age of 15, Lillian’s work in fashion illustration was displayed in the Denver Museum of Art.  In 1998, Lillian founded and served for almost a decade at the helm of Sahara Organics, the first company to merge eco-sensitivity with fashion forward sensibilities.
Lillian was first published in The Green Pages in 1999, exposing dangers to human health and wellness from bio-engineered genes in cotton crops.  Around the same time, she co-founded and was copy-editor of Mother’s Milk, a natural lifestyle e-zine that earned the sponsorship of Mothering.
Lillian’s first book, an ebook of short stories, A Few Perspectives, was published in 2014 by Expats Posts, containing a fairy-tale,  a period piece set in 14th century India, and a provocative look at modern corruption through the eyes of a pre-teen forced to come of age by a rude-awakening.  Expats followed,  publishing her debut novel, the publisher’s first trade publication, Krymea River of Blood.
Lillian is collaborating presently with animation house, 3OjosPosts, and veteran producer Flavia Andrade Lima, bringing to life, the Zinies, a children’s series featuring ambulatory flowers who teach children to maintain mindfulness despite life’s difficulties, winner of Best Trailer at the Miami Web Fest 2019.  Trailer at AsanteWorks.com.
Lillian’s passion project is finishing and introducing her jazz album, a collection of soulful originals rooted in her experiences and observations, with an undertone of classical.
“Perhaps because I grew up as a scrawny, nerdy, only child having to entertain myself, from as early as I can recall I was always imagining and creating.  I’ve also always had an empathetic heart.  I remember my brother asking what I wanted for my birthday when I was 9, and I asked for world peace.  Somehow this mixture of heart and circumstance left me observant and writing from my layperson’s perspective, about the machinations of social structures and resulting psychological imprints, with the hope that I inspire more introspection, and a greater sense of responsibility for our fellow beings.”