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>>New Orleans’ North American Song Competition’ “Virtual Song Contest”


NOLA | North American Songwriting Contest

Do You Have What It Takes?? Global All-Call for Song Submissions Free Qualification Round


New Orleans: The great Ernie K-Doe once quipped, “I’m not sure, but I think all music started in New Orleans.” From the earliest French Opera Houses, the rhythms of Congo Square, to Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Rock, and Brass Bands, to today’s Folk, Rock, Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop, all have found a home in New Orleans. “We might not have started it all, but we LOVE It All.”

As a ‘must perform’ place for artists worldwide, New Orleans is the perfect venue to launch a songwriter’s career; we understand the exhilaration of appreciation and the opportunities in the music business.

The North American Song Competition promises those who submit opportunities for knowledge and direction in their journey in the music business, powered by the decades of music industry activities of Cutting Edge CE Conferences & Events, its sponsors, collaborators, and speakers.

Get invited! The First Round is on us – The Second Round is on your fans. APPLY

New Orleans’ North American Song Competition invites you to submit to a one-of-a-kind video competition, the “Virtual Song Contest II.”
Email: NOLA.NASCompetition@gmail.com
Virtual Song Contest III (formerly Virtual Song Challenge)
We are continuing with our virtual song event for the third year, the New Orleans’ North American Song Competition’s “Virtual Song Contest.” The event will culminate during the 30th Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events, July 7 – 9, 2022, in New Orleans at the InterContinental Hotel. Selection and voting will be online, and fans’ votes will matter more. Those interested in participating in the contest will have to submit a video of the song they would like. Votes from fans will influence the judges’ decision on who makes the finals. There is no charge to enter; all entered artists will receive a special invitation to our virtual songwriters’ workshop with Q&A. Artists can attend the Cutting Edge CE Conference in person and will receive complete registration as a bonus.
New Orleans’ North American Song Competition is an international song event produced in New Orleans. It is a North American Song Competition Foundation project hosted during the Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events. Cutting Edge CE and its collaborators seek to offer opportunities, exposure, and direction for today’s emerging artists. New Orleans’ North American Song Competition is an endeavor to impact talented songwriters’ careers directly.
New Orleans’ North American Song Competition’s goal is to inspire and encourage the creative activity of songwriting. All genres are welcome.
Each entry submitted by the applicant receives the following judging: Content (lyrics, melody, song structure), style, originality, production, musicianship, and durability (i.e., Does the song has what it takes to stand the test of time?).
The applicant must provide a link to the song’s video for consideration, an audio link to the song in the application in one of the approved formats, and provide a lyric sheet in .pdf format with a confirmation number from the registration ticket. A prize package comprising cash, equipment, or recording time awaits the winner(s). Incomplete submissions will be disqualified and discarded.
Your fans’ votes are what matters. Industry judges are entertainment professionals with diverse expertise and backgrounds. All are committed to finding new talented songwriters and helping them find their voice, get recognized, and discover. They will add balance to the selection process.
The New Orleans’ North American Song Competition’ “Virtual Song Contest” is a multi-round contest comprising Qualifying, Semi-Final, and Final rounds. The winner will be chosen solely from the submission process; however, The competition will offer a Live performance opportunity to selected songwriters for the Audience’s Favorite category.
Round 1– One song per application; you can submit up to 3 songs; each will have to be a NEW application. Be prepared to verify song ownership, submission permission, and fees. New songs permitted Round 2 – Invitation to submit a video – Fan voting begins Round 3 – “LIVE” from the Cutting Edge Conference, Live Judges, Live audience, social media all count in the finals.
1st Place; 2nd Place; 3rd Place winners will be selected.
Additionally, each artist selected for the final round will receive a Full Registration (valued at $350.00) to the Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events https://www.cuttingedgenola.com/.

New Orleans’ North American Song Competition uniquely allows songwriters from all genres to submit their songs or EPKs for FREE. We will review your submission; a select number will get invited to make song submissions to the Second Round. Fees are Free, and documentation verifying ownership is not due until an invitation is delivered.

For those who submit songs, New Orleans’ North American Song Competition will provide evaluations of their songs, ensuring they were thoroughly reviewed and reasonably considered.

The New Orleans’ North American Song Competition is suitable for songwriters, lyricists, and composers of any genre and career level.

* Reasons Why This Contest * APPLY

  • One of a Kind Competition: New Orleans’ North American Song Competition call for submissions is open to all songwriters; the final rounds will take place in the most musical city in the world: New Orleans. Earn an invitation to have your song performed LIVE in front of industry judges and an audience (see Rules & Entry).
  • Your Invitation to New Orleans Is Your 1st Prize. Unlike other competitions, the final selection will take place in New Orleans, where songwriters will meet to Compete for Cash and Prizes, and attend the Songwriters Expo, where they will be able to share stories, meet a mentor, record executives, music supervisors, filmmakers, producers, promoters, and booking agents. A limited number of songwriters will get invited to move on to the 2nd Round – a Select number will continue to New Orleans to perform in front of live audiences.
  • Fair and Responsive Judging: Your Fans decide your invitation to the finals with their vote. Each songwriter invited to the final round in New Orleans will receive evaluations and feedback from expert judges and industry execs.
  • It is Always About the Song! Songs are judged on Content (lyrics, melody, song structure), style, originality, and durability (i.e., Does the song have what it takes to test time?). Each applicant will also be judged on: Production, Performance, or Instrumentation. Commercial and artistic songs will get evaluated equally.
  • First Round Free: Nothing is more affordable than free. We will check out your song’s video and invite you to the second round, where your fans will vote for you to the second round. And determine you will get invited to submit this year if the songwriter accepts the invitation and submit a song(s).
  • Thoughtful Consideration of a Songwriter’s Career: You will promptly receive an entry confirmation when invited songwriters submit songs. Songwriters invited to final rounds in New Orleans will gain entrance to the Songwriters Expo. The Expo’s purpose is to advance the careers of songwriters with its Opportunity Market, meetings, and one-on-one consultations. The Songwriters Expo is Powered By The Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events (formerly the Cutting Edge Music Business Conferences). Established in 1993, Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events has provided opportunities for thousands of performing artists, record executives, publishers, entertainment attorneys, and music entrepreneurs. In addition, the Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar is one of the top legal seminars in the country.
  • A Great Town for A Competition: New Orleans, the Most Musical City in the World. APPLY


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